National Press Club and Awareness foundation condemned the unlawful arrest of Siddique Jan

Awareness Foundation, in collaboration with National Press Club and Digital Media Journalists Association, organized a Session to show solidarity with Bureau Chief BOL News Islamabad, Siddique Jan on his unlawful arrest by Islamabad Police.

In this gathering, senior journalist Imran Riaz Khan, Anwar Raza, Shahid Alam, Anas Gondal, Razi Tahir & Faisal Tarar expressed its opinion. Journalists strongly condemned the arrest of Siddique Jan, suppression of freedom of expression, and violence against journalists

Violence, according to speakers, is now an issue for everyone in society, not just journalists. Journalists were intimidated or suppressed outright, whether in the form of assault, enforced disappearances, murder, or overt censorship. It appears that we haven’t taken any lessons from the past.

Senior journalist Riaz khan condemn Siddique Jan’s arrest and contributed to the protest. He highlighted the actors behind the violation against journalists.

President of the press club Islamabad Anwar Raza

President of the press club Islamabad Anwar Raza strongly condemns the arrest of Siddique Jan. He highlighted the violation of the freedom of speech and showed solidarity with Siddique Jan. All the speakers highlighted that the Constitution of Pakistan assures the protection of freedom of expression. Violation of free speech, pressure, and above all violence against journalists is unacceptable.

President of Digital Media Association Islamabad Faisal Tarar

President of Digital Media Association Islamabad Faisal Tarar underlined the importance of the freedom of the press, free speech, and expression with Siddique Jan. Every government seems to be an enemy of journalists because they all need their preferred narrative.

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