Our Network

We believe that youth are talented and can change Pakistan’s future. Let us carry out this mission of “education, awareness, and welfare” through the nationwide network of Our youth. They will make an effort to handle urgent crises, Unemployment, and frustration, uphold peace and be committed to welfare goals.

Central Cabinet

Our Central Cabinet will consist of 15 to 20 talented youth. The chairman, president, general secretary, information secretary, and finance secretary are mandatory, the other positions are optional. Whom the chairman will designate.

National Assembly

Our foundation will have one representative from each constituency in the National Assembly of Pakistan, as well as five seats from each province for the minority community and one seat in each division for women.

Districts & Tehsil Councils

In the third phase, we will establish an organizational structure at the District and Tehsil levels throughout the country consists the president, general secretary, and other positions. While this network will add more youth as members.

Our Activities

Rescue and Relief

Plantation Drive

Awareness Walks

Seminars & Conferences

Youth Trainings

Research & Analysis


Food Distribution


Study Circles

group discussion

Group Discussions




  1.  Webinars, Trends / Twitter Spaces, and Online Sessions
  2. Awareness Documentaries / General Graphics / Info Graphics
  3. Study Circles and Discussions