Report: The Tale of State Coercion against Imran Riaz Khan

By: Razi Tahir

Imran Riaz Khan, a highly regarded figure in the field of journalism in Pakistan, has exhibited unwavering courage and dedication throughout his illustrious 17-year career. His journalistic endeavors, spanning from April 2022 until the present, have undoubtedly been marked by immense challenges. However, in the face of adversity, Khan has consistently displayed resolute determination.

Despite enduring periods of incarceration and baseless accusations, Khan’s indomitable spirit remains unyielding. Regrettably, his unwavering commitment to truth-seeking has resulted in his arrest on May 11, subsequently leading to his enforced disappearance. As this report reaches your hands and you peruse its contents, it is quite possible that I, the author, have also fallen victim to arrest due to the probing questions raised within.

This critical narrative sheds light on the oppressive measures imposed by the state upon Imran Riaz Khan, prompting important inquiries that resonate with the conscience of every concerned Pakistani citizen. As the hours pass, anxiety mounts for Khan’s safety and well-being. It is my earnest plea to human rights organizations in Pakistan and across the globe, those who champion the cause of journalistic freedom and advocate for the recognition of freedom of expression, to unite in voicing their demands for the swift recovery of Imran Riaz Khan before it is too late.

9 thoughts on “Report: The Tale of State Coercion against Imran Riaz Khan”

  1. Imran Riaz Khan most popular journalist of Pakistan. He is missing since 11th May. His kids & family going through trauma. His only crime is freedom of speech in Pakistan now freedom of speech is crime. Please raise your voice for him.

  2. This is the embarrassing moment for the state of Pakistan especially judiciary that despite their warnings, requests, threats, police didn’t produce the most popular journalist of the country in the court. This never happened even in the African or Arab countries where kingdom is established. There is zero rule of law. Military establishment, after breaking the country in the past, has weakened the remaining country to its core. If there is no Pakistan, there would be no DHAs.

  3. I am very much worried about this human rights violation in Pakistan since past year or so. Journalists, opposition politicians even general public is not safe in Pakistan.

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  5. Imran Ruaz khan is a brave man. May Allah give my life too. What he is doing, we cant do. Pakistani establishment has broken our trust. Release him. Allah is watching everything. He never forgets.

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